Friday, June 1, 2012

Tweets Are Functional...

Project Update

All tweet response actions are now functional.  It was a lot easier to finish adding favorites and replies after working out the code for retweeting and posting status updates.  Started some work last night on the layout that will probably be the version in the first release.  So far I've been working with a very messy cobbled together layout that was inherited from another project.

I probably should have been working on the layout before now, but I think there's enough time to get everything I'd like developed before the deadline... probably ;-).

I'm wondering if I'm causing some issue with Twitter while developing, because the unauthorized error happened again last night.  After generating new access keys and updating the code, things worked again... not sure if they're trying to tell me something or I've just been unlucky.  We'll see how tonight goes, heh.

Chain Update

Definitely spoke too soon about the affects of staying up to 3:00am two days in a row.  It really hit me hard yesterday afternoon, and required some strong coffee to make it through the day.

I've heard it said that a smart person learns from their own mistakes, and a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.  Well I must be neither, because I stayed up until 3:00am again last night!  Doh! 

Once again I woke up feeling pretty good.  I could totally have slept for another three hours, but overall I've definitely had worse mornings.  Not 100% sure why I had to keep working when I knew I should be going to bed... I think there was possibly a small amount of flow going on last night.  Around 1:30ish things really started to come together, and started locking in features.

Like on of my best high school coaches always said: "You can't quit on a win!".

Party On!

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