Thursday, May 31, 2012

Retweeting is Fun...

Project Update

That's right have retweeeting working as it's supposed to.  Took far longer than it should have.  Since the python-twitter library doesn't come with a method to execute a retweet, I had to add one to it.  I think that makes at least 4 changes I've had to make... some of which I know have patches in the bug tracker for the project.  Really wasn't very hard to add retweets though.  It's made a lot easier by not having to create a large POST string.  You just need to supply the status id of the status you wish to retweet

Setting all that up didn't take much time at all.  What did jam me up for over an hour was the fact that after adding the code to retweet, the whole application stopped working.  Naturally I removed all my changes thinking that I must have gotten something really wrong, but that didn't help.  I than proceeded to learn more about how the python-twitter library actually makes it's HTTP connections.  Everything is pretty standard python-urllib stuff.

Didn't have any luck determining the error by adding print statements to various parts of the file.  Than I came across the aptly named debugHTTP option for getting and posting information to Twitter.  Totally a palm to face moment...

After setting the option and doing a request Twitter returned an error about not being authorized.  Strange since I changed the permissions for the app the other day to be read/write and everything worked fine.  Not knowing what else to do I generated some new access keys and adjusted my app for them.  Everything worked fine after that.

Frustration mixed with triumph is a heady cocktail ;-).

Chain Update

Not really sure if I should state this out loud for fear of it catching up to me, but the last two nights I've been up to 3:00am and waking up between 7:15-7:20am.  I've felt pretty good each morning, which seems quite strange in some ways.  I've stayed up to 12:00am and felt a lot worse before.

I did take a quick nap at about 7:45pm for about 25 minutes, and I suppose that helped a lot.  Didn't feel very refreshed after the nap though.  I imagine all these late nights will eventually catch up to me, but in the mean time it's great to get so much done.  Or at least learning a lot in the process of trying to get things gone, heh.

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