Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Posting is fun...

Project Update

My fun little web app can now post status updates to Twitter.  Kind of cool to know that something you wrote can talk to the world not just listen.  Had to adjust the application permissions in Twitter before read/write would work.  Took a lot longer to get everything the way I wanted though. 

Had a small issue, once I got posts to update Twitter, with the stream refresh pulling the tweet I just posted.  Of course I made a tactical mistake in trying to fix the issue with a JavaScript check for the tweet already being in the stream.  Much simpler to just add the tweet id to the since_id in the backend.  Now the new tweet is automatically the last post processed.

Chain Update

Things are still crazy, another project I've been working on to help a friend is turning out to be a little more complicated than I'd originally thought.  Not a big deal, but I foresee a lot of late nights until early next week ;-).

I feel really good though.  Hard to put a value on the feeling of accomplishment to see a project incrementally moving forward every day.

Party On!

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