Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trapped by the since_id...

Project Update

Pounding away at the auto-update issue hasn't resulted in a fix as of yet.  A side affect of this issue has been to try about three different ways to do the updates so far.  They all work basically the same, and the produce the same results for some odd reason.  There is quite a bit of difference in the code, but I guess if you're doing the same thing to the same data the outcome will be the same... loco, just loco!

Definitely feels like the first release will have to be bumped to the start of football season in the fall.  There is just a lot of things I'd like the project to do and there are a lot of stylistic things that I haven't even started yet.

Chain Update

The last couple of days have really woken me up to the importance of having a major purpose in life.  With a clear, or mostly clear, view of where you want to be, want you want to have accomplished, and how you'd like to get there; things like time management and capitalizing on opportunities become much more clear. 

I don't think that I have a clear purpose, or life mission, but I can say with certainty what some things are that I don't want to do ;-).   I guess organizing my life around dedicating time to one thing for a couple hours a day puts other things I spend time on in sharper relief.  Seems like I'm frequently thinking: "I could be doing this, or I could work on the project and be in bed by midnight.", or "I could work on the project instead of this, and work on it more after midnight.". 

It's a little strange, but I can see myself losing balance with other areas of my life...  and this is just one project.  Still have a whole year of projects to work on, heh.

Party On!

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