Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Silly mistakes...

Project Update

Figured out part of the auto-update issue last night.  Totally came down to a very embarrassing mistake.  I thought I had setup a classic if..else if..else  scenario in part of the JavaScript, but as it turns out that was definitely not the case.  Very frustrating to have that be the issue.

Still need to figure out another quirk in the auto-update code, but it's getting closer.

Chain Update

In light of the past two nights work on the project, I may have to rethink the whole two hours everyday scenario.  Is two hours too much time to dedicate to one project after working eight hours for the day job?  Maybe it's just the time I've chosen to work on the project?   Would early in the morning be a better time to bang away at it?  These are the questions that I need to address.

I think I'll do Leo Babauta's method for getting up early.  Seems quite logical, and from his book, that I'm coincidently reading at the moment, I believe it just might work.

Though it may not be the amount of time I've committed to work on the project or when I've chosen to do the work... it just may also be other things going on my life.

Probably just need to prioritize better...

Party On!


Don't know why but when I initially wrote this post I was in dark and pessimistic place.  After an hour or so, and a cup of Green Superfood, I feel a lot better.  It's like night and day.  At the moment I totally feel I an accomplish project goals, work goals, family goals, and any other goals.

Don't think it's just the superfood drink and tea, though that would be interesting to test.  I'm usually a pretty upbeat type of guy... must have just been overwhelmed for a while there ;-).

Party Back On!

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