Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things are Looking Up...

Project Update

Cleaned up some cruft from all the attempted ways to auto-update two streams at once.  May bring back the random update for each column, or maybe not.  Started working on fixing the tweet action links again.  They broke from changes to the DOM resulting from the need to make each stream list unique.  I think I need to learn how to use the HTML class attribute better ;-).

Also, watched a slightly amusing video yesterday about the new Twitter logo.  Then noticed on the dev site that the Display Guidelines have been updated.  So, I'll be going back and tweaking how the tweets are displayed.  Not a big deal, and it seems like they'll be sticking with these guidelines for a while.  At least that's my impression...

Chain Update

The rest of the day went really well yesterday.  Did some more pottery with the wife, and found time to work on the project and was in bed by midnight.  Still worked the two hours I've committed to and maybe slightly more.  I think a better approach may be to decide on a feature, bug fix, or three that I'd like to have fixed and make that the commitment for the day.  That'd change the chain method from being time based to being results based.  It would also bring the project more in line with how Leo and others teach on how to prioritize the day.

The problem is if I get jammed up on something and it takes me more than a day to fix.  In a case like that do I stop at two hours and call it good?

I'll have to rub some mental stank on this one... might have to do some experimenting.

Party On!

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