Friday, June 8, 2012

No Euros Release...

Project Update

Still haven't locked down the issues with tweet action links since updating for multiple streams.  Good thing is that I should be able to do any number of streams with the current code.  Have three going at the moment, one for each type.  Just need to figure out when to, and probably how, to bind the actions in the modal windows for new tweets that come in.

Had it working perfect for one stream, just need to make it work for n streams.  It's totally for the best to put off launching, and I think I really made the decision a couple of days ago.  Guess it could still have happened if things had gone perfectly according to plan, heh.

Chain Update

Was able to get the two hours in over lunch and before my wife got home yesterday.  Made for a nice 11:30 bed time last night ;-).  Feel really good this morning, and can't wait for the start of the Euros later this morning.  Might also catch a game or two this weekend at a local bar that is playing all the matches. 

Think I'll set a goal to have the stream code locked in by the end of Friday next week.  That should give me some longer range goals instead of just winging it each day.

Party On!

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