Sunday, June 3, 2012

Streamy Streams...

Project Update

The site now supports viewing two streams at the same time.  It took some doing to get things rearranged for it to work, but I finally got things working.  The auto-update is definitely broken, but I think the fix shouldn't be too difficult.  Already had to adjust the timer JavaScript function to accommodate updating multiple streams at random times.  I think that should keep the Twitter feeds under the alloted requests per minute, or whatever the limit is.

Chain Update

Worked on the project quite a while yesterday.  Funny thing, I didn't even realize that the month had changed on the calendar.  The way the months are laid out there's still spaces for days when the month changes in the middle of a week, and I had marked one of them. 

Still hoping to have something ready by the 7th... it'll probably very static by that time, but it'll be great to have some feedback from other people.  Will be good to see if the idea even has merit.  If it doesn't no big deal... I've learned a lot about JavaScript, Twitter development, CSS working on this project.

Also, it'll be a nice resume item to point to as an example of my skillz...

Party On!

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