Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Streaming and REST...

Project Update

I was reading through the Twitter Discussions forum the other day, and realized that the REST API will become rate limited very quickly for my project if things go as I hope.  So I started learning about the Streaming API and figuring out how to integrate it.  It is definitely the way the project will have to go, but there doesn't seem to be a simple Python library that utilizes it.  Or maybe I just haven't searched hard enough.  After reading up more on how everything works and fits together, I'll probably go back and see what's out there.

Chain Update

So far the rhythm this week has been working well.  Also, I've undertaken a new project for the day job, well kind of a subproject, that I think will be very beneficial as a long term feather in the cap so to speak.  Once I get more into it, and have some working examples under my belt, I'll try to post a more in depth guide or at least my impressions. 

For now things are kind of under wraps ;-).

Party On!

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