Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Streaming Fun...

Project Update

Was able to get the Public Streaming API to follow the #EPL timeline last night.  The Tweepy library has the ability to consume the Streaming API, and I was able to find a tutorial on creating a script to utilize it.  Now I need to figure out the best way to turn that script into a daemon of some type.

I guess even though you're using the Streaming API for "reading" tweets "writing" tweets will still need to be done using the REST API.  I'm just glad I've figured that the Streaming API is the way to go before releasing the project on the world... it's totally suck to release then have to pull back and re-architect the major part of the application.

Chain Update

I definitely think working on projects has become a habit now.  It totally doesn't feel like work, and is a highlight of the day.  At some point it'd be the bees knees to only work on the projects that have maximum interest for me.  It's also awesome to have a project in the day job that is very interesting and engaging.

One can always dream ;-).

Party On!

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