Friday, June 15, 2012

Here be Daemons...

Project Update

Well there will be daemons here at some point in the future.  Worked on setting up a proper Unix daemon for the Stream collection process.  Haven't gotten too far however.  Coded up a function to process a config file though.  Hopefully I can get this part of the project done before the start of next week. 

The Euros are quite distracting however...

Chain Update

Really do think I've found the optimum mix/balance this week.  Bought two books on design the other day.  Might need to use them in the next week or two when we travel to the coast to see some friends.  I'll be taking a laptop as well, so they might not be 100% necessary to keep the chain going.  I have no doubt that I'll learn some interesting things about design though.

I think the hard part will come when trying to apply the things I learn...

Party On!

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