Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home Landia...

Project Update

Turns out that the retweet action issue was very minor.  Forgot to add a class to the HTML returned for auto-updated tweets.  I think that particular code is now more robust than I initially thought.  It could also be that I'm finally understanding jQuery bind actions better too ;-).

Started working on the home/landing page last night.  I think the first iteration will look pretty stock Bootstrap.  The layout example with the drop down pill menu in the upper right hand corner, is very close to what I have been envisioning from the start of this project.  Hopefully I can make it at least appealing enough to solicit additional help with the look and feel stuff.

Chain Update

I think I'm finding a good rhythm this week.  Really starting at the end of last week things have been clicking pretty nicely.  Even this weekend despite being very busy, the time I worked on the project was productive and didn't feel forced.  There might be a big life lesson there. 

If you have to force it, you're doing it wrong...

Party On!

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