Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to Daemons...

Project Update

Worked more on getting a deamon coded up.  Have adjusted to using straight urllib2 request to get the status updates.  This way is easier to save the statuses into a MongoDB database.  The down side is that I'll need to code all the process to the Processing streaming data guidelines.

Not sure if I'm up for all that business... would be good experience though.  Might be able to "borrow" some of the code from the tweepy file.

Chain Update

So I've been reading a business/personal growth type book gradually for a couple of minutes first thing after waking up.  Finished the last two yesterday, and have been thinking about reading the Python documentation instead.  I imagine I could pick a little something up each time.  Problem is the .mobi file I found from a git hub is like 10MB... takes forever to load on my Fascinate.

Party On!

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