Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Design Break...

Project Update

After not getting a chance to work on the project until midnight yesterday, I was way too tired to grind out any actual code.  So instead I started reading a book on design, stay tuned for a review of the book.  The book is a simple jump in and get your feet wet type, and so far I've fount it really interesting.  I learned about proximity and alignment in laying out a page.

I think the book is primarily focused on displaying text on pages, but that translates very nicely to web pages.  It also does mention web pages in some several instances. 

Chain Update

So after reading up on good design, I've started making some changes to the blog layout.  Found it a little hard to quickly do everything I wanted.  Makes me think that blogspot may not be the best long term solution for my blog.  Though it's not like I have been posting a lot of in depth content at this point. 

Party On!

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