Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yay, for the Arsenal...


Finally watched the Arsenal match from Sunday... last match of the year and what a sack full of drama it was.  Some good hustle from Yossi got us one to the good.  So good to see someone get a goal just from pure work... even though it was a howler of an error from the goalie.  The Arsenal defense didn't cover themselves with glory by any means.  The first goal was a totally down to shabby defending... so much of that this season.  The second West Brom goal should absolutely have been called offsides.

Good to see Santos score one.  He's definitely an attacking player... too bad his defense isn't as good as his attack.  The final goal from another goalie mistake by Kos was freakin awesome!  Almost makes me want to get a Kos jersey for next season... almost ;-).

Project Update

Worked more with Bootstrap yesterday.  Using Modal windows for preferences and such seems like the way to go.  I'll probably just leave things pretty stock for the initial release.  I'm not too great with making things look pretty, and maybe if the project gathers a following someone will volunteer to help out with that aspect of things.  Though just using Bootstrap makes things look a lot better... the LJ article was right about that, heh.

I'll be back working with the meat of the project and Twitter again today.  It is fun and interesting to work on the visual style stuff though.

Chain Update

Glad to have had the chance to work on the project before watching the Arsenal last night.  Had a bottle of red wine and one of Peach.  I think the homemade peach wine I created last summer has some stank on it.  I was feeling pretty drunk after the game.  Then played some Left 4 Dead 2 with the bro... good day overall ;-).

Party On!

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