Monday, May 14, 2012

Week Two...

Project Update

Did some more work on processing Twitter streams.  The funny thing is that I didn't want to do too much with Twitter because probably 85% of the people I follow are fans of the Arsenal in one way or another, and since I haven't seen the last match of the season yet, I didn't want to inadvertently find out the score.

So for the next hour I started reading up on, and doing some quick experiments, with the Bootstrap design framework from Twitter.  Bootstrap seems a really cool technology for making your site look better.  I read an article in the latest Linux Journal about design frameworks, and though it didn't go into great detail on Bootstrap (that's in next month's issue), it really piqued my interest.

I haven't really progressed beyond the "hello world" stage, but I did create a four column page from a tutorial on  Should be enough to get me started.

Chain Update

I was glad to have the time to work on the project for two hours yesterday evening.  Wanted to watch the Arsenal, but went to bed my midnight instead.  Feel good today, and will hopefully have time for project work and the Arsenal this evening.

Thus begins week two...

Party On!

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