Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rowing in the Stream...

Project Update

Back to working with Twitter streams yesterday.  I added a function to the python-twitter library for accessing the statuses/home_timeline stream.  As the Twitter documentation states this stream is the stream user's see when they log into Twitter.  I'm not sure I'll use this stream in the end product, but it's a good stream to test the automatic update code... which I have yet to write ;-).

Not entirely sure why the python-twitter library doesn't include a method for getting the home_timeline.  The stream is clearly stated in the REST API documentation and when looking for it in the Google code page, I found two bugs posted, with patches, about the stream.  One fork of the library python-twitter-api included a method for the stream, but on it's page the README states that the author no longer has time to maintain it.  It's probably not worth switching Twitter Python libraries for something that won't be maintained long term... also not sure it's wise to change the library myself, heh.

Chain Update

Had some time after work today to devote to the project and got quite a bit done.  Seems like this week has been a lot less chaotic then last week.  I guess when you have family from out of state visiting it throws off your whole schedule... who knew?  Getting to bed before 2:00am is nice, it definitely feels better waking up in the morning.

Who knows, I might even find more than two hours a day to work on the project.

Party On!

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