Friday, May 11, 2012

Users Etc...

Project Update

Finished modeling user objects as much as possible.  Also, have some very rough views to manage simple CRUD operations for users.  It will definitely be interesting to figure out how to make everything look pretty after the basic functionality is created.

Did some interesting things with request.method in some views.  Pretty basic once you think about it, but I've never adjusted the operation of a view based on the HTTP method before.  It's quite nice to have one view to display a form, and handle the form's input once it's been posted back to the server... genius, heh!

Some of the really interesting functionality will be upcoming, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I think one of the highlights of my day is working on this project.

Good Times!

Chain Update

Had another late night last night.  I had planned on only working on the project for 2 hours a day, but the last couple of days it's been between 2.5-3 hours.  I tend to get caught up on a part of code if it is almost working, but not quite or some little detail isn't quite complete.  I need to be careful to not let things like that suck too much time... it would probably be better to leave it at some point and come back ;-).

Today's chain work might be a little interesting.  We're traveling to the lake tonight to hang out with the in-laws for Mother's Day.  I plan on taking the work laptop with me and doing the late night thing if needed.

I think I need to have a backup "study plan" if I'm caught in a situation without Internet, or don't have the opportunity to work on a computer.  I'll probably look into collecting a library of reading material that could benefit the project.  I could then post a "book report" about what I read and how I plan to apply it.


Received a great email from Samovar this afternoon.  I think one of the most inspiring videos I've ever watched is Kevin Rose' interview with Jesse Jacobs for his Foundation site.  Not sure why, but after watching it, I got into tea.  I also read each of the books mentioned in the video.  They were all well worth it ;-).

From the Samovar post today, looks like some more good reading in the future.

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