Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Update

Have views and a simple model method to allow user's to authorize the app through the OAUTH mechanism.  I used the oauth-python-twitter2 library and following their example setup authorization using the PIN-based method.  I had originally intended to use the 3-legged method, but from reading more about the PIN-based method that seemed better long term... there is a mobile version planned ;-).  Also, it's a lot less work to follow an example.

I feel good about the progress so far.  There are still some user preference items to code in, but that should be quite simple.  Then it'll be on to the main features.

After looking at some unfamiliar technologies to create this project, I decided to use some old stand-byes.  For my last job I created a web application for moving a form through a workflow allowing various levels of approval and modification at each step.  That project used Python, Pyramid, and CouchDB with authentication and user demographic data stored in an OpenLDAP server.

Similarly this new project is being written so far with the following technologies:
Along with Python libraries supporting them, and their dependencies, these are the major building blocks so far.  It'll be interesting to me to see what other pieces will be needed before the end.

Chain Update

Another day and another X in the chain.  Due to the movie last night and a busy day with in the Day Job, I didn't get a chance to work on the project until midnight.  It was very productive however, I think coffee with dinner helped fuel the late night work.  I'm thinking long term that staying up so late isn't the best way to go about this.  I feel more tired then normal, but it's not too bad.

While an active member of the Ubuntu community I would stay up till 2:00am multiple nights a week.  I enjoy the day job I had at the time as much as the current day job, however.

I think I just need to find my rhythm, and create a new habit of working on these projects.

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