Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Update

Was able to get some rough views coded for the login process and the start of the 3-legged Authorization yesterday.  Now I need to figure out how to get an access_token from Twitter for each user.  There's some pretty good tutorials on the Internets, but I was too tired last night to really absorb their wisdom, heh.

Did some more learning with MongoDB as well.  Figured out how to update records using the mongo command line interface.  Pretty easy once you get the format down, and their tutorial is great.  I think MongoDB will be do nicely for this project, it's very simple and has a lot of great features.

Chain Update

Good to see two Xs on the calendar I printed out.  I wasn't able to do the one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening plan yesterday.  Have to dedicate some time to the family since my mother is in town for the week.  It's all good though.

This weekend will be very interesting... going to the lake and have to drop my mother by the airport on Sunday.  Then rip out the kitchen cabinets when we get back.  Fun Times!


I found this post on Zen Habits pretty inspirational this afternoon.  To be honest I've found a lot of his posts inspiration.  They serve as a good reminder for me to be grateful for what I have and live in the now.  I think I have a tendency to look to the future too much, and I struggle to find a good balance with planning for the future and living in the now.

Also, we went to see "The Avengers" movie this evening... great summer action flick it really looked good in 3D.  It's inspiring to think about the humble comic book beginnings of the story, and how much work and awesomeness went into creating the movie this many years later.

Party on,

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