Saturday, May 12, 2012

On the Road...

Project Update

Worked on editing a model last night.  A cool think about storing data in MongoDB is that you can store a list of things identified by one key.  Same as other key value systems like CouchDB.  A hiccup I had while trying to update a list is translating the list back from values sent via HTML POST to a string.  In my case, which may not be the best way to handle it, I used some jQuery scripting to get the values of the input fields and append them to the form via a hidden field.  Then posting the form.

This method should work well enough I think to get the job done... at least until I can learn a better way.  I'm sure someone has come up with something cleaner.  It would probably be easier if I was using a nice ORM library and a proper RDBMS, but after thinking about the number of items I'll be storing, it still seems overkill.  Plus hopefully when this project goes live, the maintenance and administration overhead won't be too time consuming.

Chain Update

Ended up working as late as most of the other nights last week. Though I did get to sleep in until about 10:00am this morning... I could have slept for another hour or two, heh.  Working only from a laptop isn't bad at all.  Getting used to the smaller screen takes a little time though.  Also, I've been thinking about getting my own Chromebook for more portability.  The work laptop I've been using is a bit of a monster... there are definitely larger ones out there though.

I might just have to get used to less sleep.  We'll see how next week goes.

Party on!

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