Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rip Your Face Off Awesome...

Project Update

Figured out a need to change direction last night when working on using Bootstrap pills for displaying little user preference attributes.  Was having a hard time making the pills do what I wanted... probably because they were never intended to do that.  I then watched a video on setting up pills, or something else related to Bootstrap, and they showed the Bootstrap components page.  It was in the first three minutes I think.  I stopped the video and checked out the page, and proceeded to familiarize myself with more of what Bootstrap has to offer.

It quickly became apparent that Labels were the component I was looking for.  I then did some searching for a guide on Bootstrap drag and drop functionality.  Didn't find much on that, but came across jQuery UI.  I've bumped into jQuery UI from time to time while working with jQuery, but haven't actually taken a look at it until now... boy should I have.

jQuery UI makes drap and drop, transition animation, and a plethora of other user interfaces elements dead simple.  It is really a joy to use in my very humble opinion.  I also have to say that jQuery and jQuery UI have some of the best documentation ever.  Either that, or maybe a lot of this stuff is just starting to make really clear sense ;-).

Chain Update

Worked pretty late into the night last night... quite later than I intended in fact.  Was really excited and felt I was making great headway, so I just kept plugging away.  It wasn't so bad because we took about a two hour nap around 5:00pm or so.  In high school and the college years, I used to almost always take a nap after work... I'm a pretty big fan of the siesta, heh.

The late afternoon nap seems to fuel a late night really well for me.  I might try to get back into that habit again.  Seems like I stopped having a nap after work after getting married.  More important things to do when you get to come home to someone you love.

Party On!

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