Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finally looking good...

Project Upate

Finally have the tweet display matching the Twitter Display Guidelines.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would... I chalk it up more to the fact that I haven't done exact web page formatting before.  In the past the site's I've done have all been made up, and there wasn't a need to be to precise or to match a standard.

Anyway, learned more about CSS, Bootstrap, and sprites to make things work.  I'm sure somewhere down the road all these new things will come in handy.  Now I just need to make the images into links that actually do something.  I foresee this process to be less time consuming than making things look nice ;-).

It is important for things to look nice though...

Chain Update

Something of a late night last night.  I was determined to get the formatting done before calling it quits.  Luckily I think I only went about thirty minutes over the allotted two hours, heh.  From what I've read I think that after thirty days this whole two hours a day thing will be a solid habit.


Found this Zen Habits post to be pretty inspirational today.  I think being grateful for what you have is a very good thing to put into practice.

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