Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spritey Sprites...

Project Update

Finally got the time to display correctly, or at least the way I'd like, heh.  Found some great JavaScript to adjust the time based on the Twitter user's utc_offset setting.  Great that Twitter stores that information... makes it so that I don't.

After getting the time working, I started working on displaying the tweet response icons reply, retweet, and favorite.  Twitter supplies a nice everything_sprite PNG file to make it easier.  Though having worked with sprites, I did some googling and found a great article on css-tricks.com.  Have the little images looking pretty much the way I'd like, but need to add a form for retweeting and replying.

Also, still need to do some work on the overall tweet display alignment and format.  Getting there though, getting there...

Chain Update

Yesterday marked the week number two.  Finally seem to making some headway again.  I guess I should expect some days to not be as productive as others.  Also realized that this weekend is Memorial Day, and we'll be going to the lake for the weekend... should be a good time.  I'll have to go back into travel mode.

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