Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Times!!!

Project Update

Not a lot to report today.  Got tied up with determining the timezone of client's last night.  I think I've found a way to do what I want, but we'll see.

Had some time to work on the project this afternoon and realized that the Champions League final was going on at the time.  Since Fox Soccer TV website didn't show it until 5:00 I decided to wait to work on tweet formatting until I had a chance to watch the game.

Chain Update

Today might be the hardest to work on the project.  Worked some this afternoon as I mentioned, but just want to take it easy this evening.  We'll see how it goes.

Football Update

I have to say that this year's season is the most dramatic since I became a fan.  It's been four years, and I certainly haven't seen anything like this before.  The Arsenal's crazy season was one thing, but to see the Premiere League won by Man City on the final day in the final few minutes was extraordinary.  It was absolutely awesome to see the Arsenal clinch 3rd on the last day.

After all that I feel very bad for the Bayern fans to have the game close the way it did.  I had a feeling that Chelsea would win it, I have to admit, but the entire game I was pulling for Bayern.  I have mixed feelings because Chelsea's win blasts Tottenham out of the Champions League next year... haaaaaa ;-)!

I still would have liked to see Bayern win in Munich... would have been an awesome party!  Probably pretty awesome to be in London tonight though, heh.

Party On!

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