Sunday, May 20, 2012

Time Is On My Side?...

Project Update

Still working on matching tweet timestamps to the user's local timezone.  I initially was working on an over complicated method of determining timezone with JavaScript.  I think I found the correct UTC offset, but then realized that the information is already stored in the user's Twitter account.  Working on parsing that into a readable time.

Also, worked on using the Bootstrap pill classes to use that for displaying user preferences.  I'd like to have a little red X displayed when the mouse hovers over an attribute, then when the X is clicked it will remove that attribute.  Need to learn more about mouse overs... seems like it'd be simpler... it's not 1995, heh.

Chain Update

Spent a lot of time spinning my wheels yesterday.  Probably mostly due to the mix and match sixer I picked up yesterday.  Today should be better, but I guess I feel more distracted with no footy to watch while working. 

I think Always Sunny in Philadelphia is too funny to have in the background ;-).

Party On!

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