Saturday, May 26, 2012

On the Road Again...

Project Update

Almost have everything working with the tweet display that needs to be working.  Made some slight adjustments to the display last night, and have the reply, retweet, and favorite links displaying.  Just need to actually make them do something instead of open up modal windows or toggle.  Learning the jQuery toggle function last night was fun.  I can totally see where that will come in handy, heh.

I'm hoping that getting everything to display correctly will be the thing that takes the most time ;-).

Chain Update

Worked on the project quite a lot yesterday.  Mandy wasn't feeling well once we got to the lake and went to bed early.  I stayed up and plugged away for a couple few hours.  Totally starting to feel that I can meet the initial deadline for this project.  Though it's not like anyone's going to die if I don't... that seems a little morbid.

Felt good last night to work in a different setting.  Gave me the idea of doing this more frequently...

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