Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arsenal vs Leeds United

First FA Cup match for the Gunners, and what a match it was. There were a lot of subs out there to begin with, and I don't think that was too much of a surprise. I think Denilson should definitely been subbed at half time. First off he gave away a penalty which a player in good form would not have given away. It just left us flat footed until Fabregas came on.

I think Denilson is off the pace this season. It's definitely not his fault he was sidelined with injury if I remember correctly, then hasn't really had an opportunity to come back into the starting eleven. I definitely think he has the caliber to be a starter he just needs some more playing time. Having said that if he's playing like balls, and can't put a pass together, makes a shitty block which gives away a penalty, and is too slow to make a difference, he needs to come off.

Overall I think the game was well reffed, and am looking forward to the replay.

Entertainment Value: 5-5

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