Friday, October 28, 2011

Stockpile Sprint

So I'm changing jobs after a year doing systems and network administration at a small community college. The new job starts on November 3rd, and after this upcoming three day weekend trip to the NC mountains; I want to do a concentrated two day development "sprint" on an Android application I have been thinking of for a while now.

The application is loosely named stockpile for now. Basically my vision is to create a light weight ERP type system for the home. It would be able to list items you have purchased such as groceries, movies, etc and allow you to have an inventory on your Android phone or device.

The idea first came to me when at the grocery store I was shopping for a recipe that we were making for dinner. Not sure if we had ground cumin or not, I went ahead and bought the little spice container of McCormick spices. Then when I got home what do I find in the spice cabinet? The very same brand and size of cumin... doh. Not such a big deal to have a surplus of cumin for less than $10, but who wants to buy something they already have?

So the idea started with groceries and recipes, but after talking about the idea with a friend he mentioned he had the same problem with DVDs. While in a store he saw a copy of Caddyshack for a good price and wasn't sure if he already owned it. Needless to say he now has a couple of copies.

Anyway, back to the sprint idea. I'm hoping to have something, very roughly, releasable by around 10:00pm EDT on November 2nd. Having only dabbled with the first couple of Android tutorials before, and not being proficient at all in Java, this may be an unrealistic goal. Either way it'll be fun to see how far I can get, it's either try to create something in this time between jobs, or bum around the house watching movies and playing video games.

Strangely both sound pretty appealing...

Party on,

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