Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arsenal vs Shakthar Donetsk

Another great performance by the Gunners! Great to have Cesc back, he really adds a lot to the team. He'll need a few games under his belt to get back to 100% fitness, but he looked good. Another good performance was put in by Tricky Jack... he looks really good alongside the skipper. I have great hope for the rest of the season if they can both stay healthy.

Song was up to his new found tricks. Seemed like he was always bombing forward, and I can't really complain because he got the first goal by being in a poachers position. Shakthar will probably be kicking themselves for conceding a needless penalty on the free kick. Especially after the ref warned them. Nasri's goal was brilliant, and was definitely deserved. Wilshere and Chamakh had finished the scoring with some great finishing as well.

It was also great, even if with a little chagrin, to have Eduardo score for Shakthar... the fan's response was super. Makes you wish things had turned out different for him.

Overall a solid performance that will see Arsenal top of the group.

Entertainment Value: 5-5

Party On!

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