Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Job...

In a few hours I'll start the second day in the new job. It was a great first day... pretty much going over the current network, servers, applications, etc. Also meeting quite a few of the business side of the organization.

They have a one terra byte SAN currently running, and have a 10 terra byte new SAN ready to deploy... hopefully before the current Network Admin leaves, heh. The plan is to move all, or most, of their current servers onto VMWare virtual machines. There are currently a couple of VMs running, and they seem to really like them so far.

Another cool thing is that they are very friendly to Open Source and Linux. The current admin implemented a pretty sweet inline Squid install to proxy and cache web content. It'll be fun to bone up on his ebtables rc.local script that sets all the rules and what not.

Anyway, it's exciting days to land a new job, attend UDS, and get married in the space of about three weeks! :-)

Party On!

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