Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beer and Wine


Last night was my second attendance of a wine making class, and a beer brewing class setup by a local community college. They are separate classes, but have a lot in common both with the people teaching them and between the similarities in the processes.

Anyway, last night we started a batch of blackberry wine. They said it will be pretty dry, but they added an awful lot of sugar to the mix. At least to my near sited, untrained, and somewhat roving eye it was a lot of sugar. I say roving because the wine class is held at an art gallery/home brew supply shop in a very small town about forty five minutes from where I live, and at odd times during the class I catch myself zoning out about something unrelated in the gallery.

It'll be very interesting to see how the blackberry wine turns out. In the beer class we brewed a batch of American Pale Ale from a home brew kit that another student purchased for this weeks class. I'll be purchasing one for next week... not sure which style to go with at this point, but it'll probably something the gallery has in stock and looks good.

The brewing process started at about 8:30, and we got done right at 11:00. Pretty late for a Tuesday, and caused a little anxiety with the Fiancée. So glad she's very understanding, heh :-).

I bought a home brew kit and a plastic carboy last night as well. Going to try and make a Lemon Wine that should be done for the wedding in November...

Party on!

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