Sunday, August 29, 2010

G1 Pooped the Bed

I did something quite foolish the other day. My Fiancée and I were walking around a local state park, checking out the scenery and having a great time. Being the dare devil that I am, I decided to walk on top of this little wall separating the parking area and the hillside.

As we're walking along, back to the car, a motor cycle pulls up and parks ahead of us. So to avoid running into them, I hopped off the wall and we walked around them. Once around them I hopped back onto the wall... cause it's fun and all.

Anyway, we came to a gap in the trees, so I pulled out my trusty G1 to snap a quick picture of the great view. All goes well so I keep walking along the wall with the phone still in my hand. Then out of curiosity I tried to check if I had service, because we were on this high hill and everything. After seeing that I did indeed NOT have service, I happened to step into a slight gap in the top stones in the wall....

Then it happened! In order to keep balance I flung my arms out... even the one with the phone in it. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, the phone hand was pointing toward the parking lot instead of down the hill. After bouncing off the concrete my phone will boot up fine, but the screen remains black... doh!

To wrap up, I am now in something of a quandary about how to resolve the phone situation. Do I:

  • Buy a new phone?
  • Try to fix the now out of warranty G1?
  • Switch cell providers and take the $200 early termination fee?
Not sure yet what to do, but I'll make a decision of some type in the next week or so. Stay tuned gentle readers :-).

Party on!

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