Thursday, August 26, 2010

Freedom to Fail

I've been having some thoughts about the New Yorker article on the Koch brothers... there as an interview on NPR with the author. The thing I really don't get about the Libertarian movement, Ron Paul included, is that without some kind of social safety net people don't have the Freedom to Fail.

By freedom to fail I mean, if I start a business doing something I love, and that something isn't very profitable or I'm just not that good at it, it shouldn't kill me or my family. I think things like unemployment, bankruptcy, food stamps, etc are a way for us as a society to give ourselves and others the freedom to fail.

Now there should probably be a limit on how many times your allowed to fail in a given period... twice every five years or something, but those are just details.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on Libertarians and wanting to do away with most/all government programs.

Party on!

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