Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maverick Server Guide

Hey all,

Just wanted to do a quick post about updates in the Ubuntu Server Guide. With Maverick we have dropped the ubuntu-serverguide package. This means that the guide will only be available in HTML and PDF formats. There are several reasons for making this change see the ubuntu-docs mailing list archives for more details [1], or better yet join the conversation :-).

Hopefully this will allow us to deliver a guide of higher quality. If you would like to contribute to the Server Guide, it's as simple as:

  • Go to and click "Register a branch"
  • Name your branch (test_branch in this example)
  • Choose "Hosted" branch.
  • Click the "Register Branch" button.
  • Get the main branch. In a terminal enter: bzr branch lp:ubuntu-docs
  • edit a DocBook XML file in serverguide/C/
  • Validate that your changes: scripts/ serverguide/C/serverguide.xml (if there are no errors it's valid!)
  • bzr commit (then enter a log message)
  • bzr push --use-existing-dir lp:~your_lp_username/ubuntu-docs/test_branch
  • Back at click the "Propose for merging" link.
  • Fill in a description and click the "Propose Merge" button.
  • Your branch will then be reviewed and if all is well merged with the main branch.
Okay, so that's not all that simple... hopefully we can stream line the contribution process somehow. Also, the above instructions assume you have setup SSH keys with Launchpad previously.


Party on!

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