Sunday, October 17, 2010

Arsenal vs Birmingham

Lots of controversy in this one... Not sure where to start, but I guess the best place would be Chamakh's dive. You can't honestly call it anything but a dive. It will be interesting to read how the Arsenal Internets community comments on the penalty.
Birmingham's goal showed that we really could have used Kos in this one. I feel he would have picked up that guy in the box better.

Overall things seemed a little flat on the pitch to me. Some great build up play, as always, from the Gunners, but no emphatic finish. I thought Diaby had a great game, and I'm glad and hopefully he will build from this and get a run of games. He always looks better after playing five or six in a row, and when he doesn't get that it leaves him open to some heavy criticism.

Wilshere had a great game for 90+ minutes. I thought he moved the ball well, and only had one errant pass that I can remember. I truly don't know what he was thinking at the end though. It will seem sublime pay back for Wenger's critics to see the golden Jack red carded for a rash challenge. For me I think the ref got it right... he had no business making that challenge.

Good to beat Birmingham, and get a league win. Totally not good to concede the first goal at home though. I think things are looking up for the Arsenal, and am glad League Play has recommenced. Looking forward to the midweek Champions League fixture.

Entertainment Value: 4-5

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