Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wigan vs Sunderland

First off, I didn't pay too close attention to the game during the first half... crazy work type things to do. The games seemed very scrappy at the beginning, and Lee Catermaul's sending off after two yellow cards in 30 seconds, or whatever it was, was just shocking.

Since Steve Bruce's exit from Wigan they seem to not play as a team for large amounts of time... which usually their opponents take advantage of. Which brings us to the second half. Much better play from Wigan, but Sunderland dug in and absorbed it nicely. The final minutes were pretty exciting with Wigan turning up the pressure rather well.

Before Steve Bruce I dreaded watching a Sunderland match, but with him I find them quite enjoyable. It'll be very interesting to watch them this season as well.

Entertainment Value: 3 - 5

Party On!

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