Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun with Entities...

Project Update

I may have been totally wrong about TweetStream not including status entities yesterday.  I may just not know how to access them once I've converted a status to JSON.  Need to do it with:


Instead of:


Doh, that was at least an hour I could have saved myself.  Well back to converting model methods to use Redis.  Also, thinking about changing the backend store from MongoDB to CouchDB.  Twice now I've had an error with MongoDB because of improper shutdown... granted I'm running the MongoDB on a laptop that gets moved around a lot.  Don't remember these types of issues with CouchDB though. 

Plus CouchDB seems to have easier replication.  I briefly played with setting up a couple of replicated MongoDB instances so I could develop this thing on my desktop as well, but didn't get very far.  Ran into some replication errors and never when back to fix it.  I think the size of my project won't require the more advanced MongoDB replication needs.

Worth a test anyway...

Party On!

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