Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chelsea vs Arsenal

The Gunners really pressured Chelsea well for the full ninety minutes. It seems we're just lacking that last killer ball to break down a tough defense. The first half was interesting that the percentage of possession was 50-50, it was very back and forth.

Then in the second half Chelsea conceded possession to Arsenal. They relied on their defense to deal with any threats posed by the Gunners. Very unfortunate that Drogba again got a goal against us... though it was pretty much luck that it blasted in on the near post. Then again there was a lot of hustle in the build up, so I guess you create your own luck.

Very disappointing to have two league defeats in a row, but I feel confident of winning something this season. The team played very well, I think Chelsea sat back more because they realized they couldn't keep up the pace in the second half, or if they tried Arsenal would eventually find the back of the net.

I though Wilshere had a great game. He really adds some needed creativity in midfield with Cesc out. Chamakh did very well disrupting Chelsea's back four... it's great to have an aerial threat for teams to think about. Arsenal seemed to get more energy and drive when Rosicky came on for Diaby... almost think Tomas should have started and given Diaby more time to recover from his injuries. Diaby didn't have too bad a game, just seemed less then 100% match fit to me.

Entertainment Value: 4-5

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