Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tottenham vs Arsenal

Wow, what a game!!! Great game for the Carling Cup!!!

Seems like we haven't taken the Carling Cup that seriously the past few seasons. I think this year Wenger is tired of going out early. The Gunners came out the first half and really pressed Tottenham all over the pitch. I can't remember when a Spurs player had the ball for more then 5 seconds without someone in his face. Great work ethic from the Gunners! Great goal from Lansbury the first half.

The second half didn't start as crisp as the first. Keane got a gift after a couple of minutes... seemed like we weren't quite ready for Tottenham being serious about the half. The defense held very well to a large portion of Spurs pressure at the beginning of the second half.

I thought Wilshere looked very good for such a young player. Ebuoe looked a little rusty for most of the game, but despite that showed some real hustle to win back the ball and protect the goal. Overall he I thought he had a good performance. Two penalties in extra time put the Spurs to bed for this one. Great idea to sub Arshavin and Chamakh going into extra time.

Overall a great win for the Arsenal! Looking forward to the rest of the Carling Cup.

Entertainment Value: 5-5

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