Friday, September 24, 2010

Portsmouth vs Leicester City

Wow, what a cracking game!!! It's these type of matches that hooked me on English Football, and football in general for that matter. I was sort of sad to see Pompey get the drop last season... they have such great support. Outside the big four there are only a few clubs that seem to have the same level of support.

I like the way Portsmouth play, and it's just a shame that the club has been run so poorly. I think the Prem is a little less with their absence. Not too much, let me clarify, but I for one would love to see Pompey back in the top tier.

I've seen a few Leicester City matches since subscribing to Setanta a few years ago, and they definitely have improved since the first time I watched them. They really did look outmatched this evening however.

Matches like these make me wish I lived in England. I would spend way too much money buying tickets to obscure matches, but I would love every minute of it. What can I say... this was a great match.

Entertainment Value 5-5

Party On!

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