Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Partizan vs Arsenal

Great match... after a lack luster start Arsenal really pulled it together. I guess it's not unexpected to have a slow start so far from home, and coming back from a bad defeat. I thought they recovered well, and overall had a decent match.

Partizan did some very good defending as also expected. Though there were some very shady challenges throughout the match. Especially the elbow into Wilshere's face right in front of the dugout.

About Wilshere, he had a great match. He was really creative in midfield, and stood up to the physicality of Partizan very well. Also, thought Gibbs had a great game. He bombed up from the back consistently yet his defensive duties didn't suffer.

In front Arshavin and Chamakh both had great performances. Chamakh's double header to get the second goal showed a lot of hustle and determination. Wilshere link up with Arshavin for the first goal was a thing of beauty. Also, good to see Squillaci get a goal... great corner from Nasri who came on as a sub and showed great energy and creativity.

After all the speculation, second guessing, and hubbaloo about Arsenal's goalie situation Fabianski had a pretty good game. Not too much for him to do in the first half... can't fault him for not saving the first penalty. Then saving the second penalty was pure class. But for me the big moment was his awesome save at the end of the second half when Partizan pushed and were through on goal. The Fab definitely has talent, but he needs to make better decisions consistently in my opinion.

Entertainment Value: 5-5

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