Sunday, September 26, 2010

Arsenal vs West Brom

Sigh... sigh, sigh. I had a feeling it would be hard for the Gunners to start this game in a very strong way. After the big game on Tuesday, it's easy to take a game like this for granted. Seems like this type of thing happens when we have a bad captain, or the captain is injured for the next game after a big one. This is not the West Brom team from a few years ago, however.

Nasri showed some great determination to bring us back in it, but too little too late. After so many great defensive performances, I guess it was time to have a howler. To West Brom's credit they really played well.

I was one who thought that Almunia was doing better, but after he let the second goal bounce off him, it makes me wonder. It's a shame we didn't pick up a senior keeper this summer. Hopefully we'll grab Given during the January window.

Entertainment Value: 4-5

Party On!

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